About RoyalPOS

Which business/verticals are supported?

RoyalPOS supports all kind of F&B and Retail business.

  • Quick Service Restaurant
  • Fine Dine Restaurant
  • Retail Shop
  • Grocery Shop
  • Bakery
  • Pizza Restaurant
  • Cafe / Food Truck
  • Salon (Appointment module coming soon)
  • Dairy
  • Sweet Shops
  • Multi chain Cafe/Restaurant / Salons
  • Laundry 
  • Cake shops
  • Boutique

As we supports Barcode scanners so most of the retail business are included.

We also supports Table wise ordering so it is perfect for Fine dine restaurants, Bars, cafes etc.

Does RoyalPOS works offline?

Yes. RoyalPOS will work offline once you are on Order screen. If you are not login then for login and getting all your items/categories you will need internet. Once you are on order screen you will not need internet. Whenever internet available, it will sync your all offline orders to your dashboard. 

What is RoyalPOS?

RoyalPOS is cloud based Android and iOS POS. RoyalPOS allows you to make billing on Android and iOS devices like Android phone, tablet, SUNMI POS or Android based POS, iphone and ipad. RoyalPOS android supports all kind of thermal printer like Wifi (Network), USB and Bluetooth thermal printers.  RoyalPOS also supports external Barcode scanners which can be connect using USB - OTG or Bluetooth with devices. 

RoyalPOS includes many features like inventory, recipe inventory, table wise ordering, KOT, multiple Kitchen Prinetrs, Kitchen Display, Barcode scan for retail shops, loyalty, web admin dashboard, multiple outlets, multiple role wise users. 

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