Inventory - Raw Material Inventory

How can I Add stock?

Inventories are most important feature of any Point of Sale system. RoyalPOS has two kind of Inventories.

1. General Items Inventory ( Direct sell items like water bottle, cold drinks, grocery items etc.)

2. Raw Material Inventory (Items which are used to make general items, specially use in restaurant, ice cream shop, bakery etc.)

 General Items Inventory

To enable General item inventory, you need to set Track Stock enable for that items. So when you add individual item, you will be asked to Track Stock (Yes/NO). 

When we upload bulk csv items (for new or old products update), Enable stock yes if you want to track stock of your all items. Only Track stock enabled items will be shown in Add stock Or Manual Consuption (Stock out). 

You can add stock from Dashboard or RoyalPOS app (Android) also.

1. On Dashboard, Item Master -> Items, You will see  " + " sign beside Item name. You can add stock using it for individual item. 

2. On Dashboard, Item Master -> Items, You will see Bulk Purchase button. It will allow you to add your stock using CSV format. Once you are on Bulk Purchase (Pieces or Weight wise), you will need to select location and then Download CSV. It will give CSV with all your track stock enabled items and you just need to enter quantity of item which you want to add stock and rest delete raws. And upload back there. This will add stock on the same.

3. On RoyalPOS Android app, On Dashboard -> Admin -> Add Item Stock. Select all items and quantity and Continue button. This will add stock for that particular Outlet.

4. To deduct (Stock out), you can use Manual Consumption. Select Multiple Items and submit. (Both on Android and web dashboard). 

Raw Material Inventory (Recipe Inventory)

Raw Material Inventory (Recipe Inventory) will be available for some business type like (Restaurants, Bakery, Cake Shop, Bar, Food Truck, Coffee shop etc.). Other Business type will not see that option.

To enable Raw Material Inventory, go to your location detail on Dashboard (web), Location -> "Location Name" -> Settings -> Recipe Inventory needs to be Enable. 

Once You enable that, you will be able to see Raw Materials under Item Master -> Raw Materials. 

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