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Capto Order Status

Once customer Order placed, you will receive order on RoyalPOS.

Once you accept order it will show customer as Preparing and Ready and Then Dispatched (If Delivery order).

Once you Delivered the order will be completed and you will see order in your order list.


How will I receive order from Capto?

Once you map you location with Capto, please logout on your RoyalPOS app and login again.  Once we approve your location will be live on Capto. 

If customer orders from Capto, you will receive email and also notification on RoyalPOS app (make sure you are loggedin). 

Then you can accept/reject order. 

How can we setup location and inventory on Capto?

To list your location you need to map your location from Admin Panel. You can login from RoyalPOS Admin Dashboard. Then in More -> Capto Dashboard.

You need to fill up the form after selecting location which you like to Map with Capto. 

Once you Map, we will verify details and will approve or give comments if anything is missing. 

You can also setup your inventory from More -> Online Inventory Manage.

You can also changes price on Capto listing using More -> Online Inventory Price. 

So you can sell at different prices for both walkin customers and online on Capto. By default it will take your standard RoyalPOS price.

You can check below video for more info. 

On Capto, how will it show location open or close?

On Capto, we will show location is open or close as per your working hours. 

Still you can Enable/Disable store for Open/Close manually from RoyalPOS itself from POS screen from Side menu -> Online Inventory.

You can also enable/disable items from RoyalPOS app from POS screen Side menu -> Online Inventory. 

Can we get online payment?

Right now, we do not provide online payment gateway as it is for globally. Though we have plan for each country to add the payment gateways for the same.

Is there any commission for online ordering using Capto?

No, we are not taking any kind of commission. It is currently free for use for the same for RoyalPOS merchants.

Is Capto Free?

Yes. As of now Capto listing is free who are live with RoyalPOS subscription. 

What is Capto?
  • Capto is Online order app for Android and iOS where RoyalPOS subscribers (Merchants) will list their business. 
  • It is comission free app for our merchants who has RoyalPOS subscription. 
  • It has Pickup, Delivery and Dinein (Using QR code) option.
  • You can use same QR code (kiosk) also so customer can scan and order if they are at your outlet. 
  • Once customer order you will receive order on RoyalPOS app and you can accept, reject, ready, dispatch and Delivered (Complete).
  • Currently we are launching for all our customers globally so we do not have online payment system. But surely its need of the time and we will include for each country as updates.
How can I Add stock?

Inventories are most important feature of any Point of Sale system. RoyalPOS has two kind of Inventories.

1. General Items Inventory ( Direct sell items like water bottle, cold drinks, grocery items etc.)

2. Raw Material Inventory (Items which are used to make general items, specially use in restaurant, ice cream shop, bakery etc.)

 General Items Inventory

To enable General item inventory, you need to set Track Stock enable for that items. So when you add individual item, you will be asked to Track Stock (Yes/NO). 

When we upload bulk csv items (for new or old products update), Enable stock yes if you want to track stock of your all items. Only Track stock enabled items will be shown in Add stock Or Manual Consuption (Stock out). 

You can add stock from Dashboard or RoyalPOS app (Android) also.

1. On Dashboard, Item Master -> Items, You will see  " + " sign beside Item name. You can add stock using it for individual item. 

2. On Dashboard, Item Master -> Items, You will see Bulk Purchase button. It will allow you to add your stock using CSV format. Once you are on Bulk Purchase (Pieces or Weight wise), you will need to select location and then Download CSV. It will give CSV with all your track stock enabled items and you just need to enter quantity of item which you want to add stock and rest delete raws. And upload back there. This will add stock on the same.

3. On RoyalPOS Android app, On Dashboard -> Admin -> Add Item Stock. Select all items and quantity and Continue button. This will add stock for that particular Outlet.

4. To deduct (Stock out), you can use Manual Consumption. Select Multiple Items and submit. (Both on Android and web dashboard). 

Raw Material Inventory (Recipe Inventory)

Raw Material Inventory (Recipe Inventory) will be available for some business type like (Restaurants, Bakery, Cake Shop, Bar, Food Truck, Coffee shop etc.). Other Business type will not see that option.

To enable Raw Material Inventory, go to your location detail on Dashboard (web), Location -> "Location Name" -> Settings -> Recipe Inventory needs to be Enable. 

Once You enable that, you will be able to see Raw Materials under Item Master -> Raw Materials. 

How can I login on Web Admin Dashboard?

RoyalPOS allows you to track your Dashboard from web browser. You can maintain your all outlets (Locations) from single Dashboard. 

Web Dashboard URL :

Username : Your Email (As per your registration on email)

Password: Your Password (Your password which you received on email after verified your email address).

RoyalPOS Dashboard allows you to maintain all your outlets Items, Prices, Inventories, Taxes, 25+ Reports, Loyalty Reports etc.

You can add more cashiers, stock managers, account managers, sub admin and allocate them as per location.

RoyalPOS Dashboard is complete back office solution for your business.

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