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How can I get reports on my Email?

RoyalPOS sends Auto mail to all customers to their Reporting Emails for there locations. You can add multiple email recepients for the same in Admin Panel -> Locations -> Select Locations -> Reporting Emails.

We send auto email daily at 8 am for last 24 hours sales transactions and other reports like category and itemwise.

You can also send email from Android and iOS app from Admin -> Reports -> Select Report -> Select Duration and Press Email Button at the top Right. 

How can I add my multiple outlets?

RoyalPOS allows customers to create Locations (outlets) from Admin Panel Dashboard. 

At the time of registration we by default create one location (outlet) with 14 days free trial.

If customer has multiple locations (branches) then they can add new outlet from Admin Dashboard -> Locations.

New Additional locations will have 3 days free trial. 

As we charge as per location, customer needs to pay for each location after free trial if they want to use new locations.

How to Generate Tablewise KOT ?

RoyalPOS allows to take orders Tablewise (Multiple KOT). 

Currently Multiple KOT is working for Tablewise ordering. 

First, you need to add tables from Admin Dashboard or Android Application.

Admin Dashboard - > Locations -> Select Particular Location - > Tables -> Add Tables.

Android App -> Main Dashboard -> Admin  -> Item Master -> Tables.

There are 2 types of Dine in Orders. 

Dine in Online which can not work without Internet.

Dine In Offline. (Which is on Order screeen only with Table Icon beside Quick Orders).

You can follow below Video how it works. 

How many users I can use at a time?

RoyalPOS allows users to use any number of employes at a single time. RoyalPOS charges as per location. So in location user can use multiple cashiers, captains (up to 3, can be add more on request without charges). There are no limits for Account Manager, Stock Manager, Sub Admin.

How to Connect USB Barcode?

RoyalPOS allows users to use Barcode scanner USB or Bluetooth.

You can attach OTG converter to Android device and USB Barcode or Printer.

It will be plug and play. If you have assigned Barcode numbers to the items, it will automatically detect item of that barcode. 

OTG can be found as per attached image or it can be single connector as well. 

How can I set Printers?

With RoyalPOS android, you can use any thermal printers like WiFi Network, Bluetooth or USB. 

Once you are on Android Order screen, open Side Menu from Top Left and open Printer Settings.

You will find 1st option, Cash Counter printer. Make sure its Enable. After tap on Cash Counter Printer, You will see number of options like 

  - WiFI 

  - Bluetotth

  - USB

 - Epson 

 - Mswipe (India Only)

 - SUNMI (For sunmi devices only)

You can select your respective printer and try test print. If test print works then Save.

If you are restaurant, cafe or any other F&B business then you can set Kitchen Printer also from Printer Settings. 

You can customise your print from Printer settings from "Customise your print" tab.

If you are using 2" printer then Select Print Paper Size and Select 58 mm

If you are using 3" printer then Select Print Paper Size and Select 80 mm.

Check Below Video.

What is End Day - Settlement?

End Day (Settlement) is to track your daily Sales using Cash, Card or other payment methods. 

You can enable End Day (Settlement) from Admin panel or Mobile Apps

       -  Admin Dashboard - >   Locations - > Select Location which you want to enable End day option - > Settings -> End Day Settlment (Enable)

       -   Mobile App -> Order screen - > Printer Settings - > End day Settlement (Enable)

Once you enable Endday (Settlement) It will ask you opening balance from next order or login. 

You need to enter amount of cash in your cash drawer. 

At the end of the day, Open Side drawer, End Day, It will show u Today's Sale (12 am to 12 am) and Opening balance and time and other details like Cash sales, Card sales and other your payment methods.

It will show you Expected cash in your account (i.e. Opening balance + Cash Sale + Other Income - Bank Transfer - Expense (Cash)) .

If you do not Endday at the day closing it will carry forward till you do. Once you end day by adding actual cash, it will close that settlement and then logout. Once you logout and Login again, it will ask new Opening balance again.

So this is how you can track your all Cash transactions and can know if you are missing for any cash.

How to Assign Variations?

You can create variations (Extras) on Android Admin Item Master or Dashboard Item Master. 

Once You create Variations, You can assign maximum number of Selection of item.  If you do not want to restrict selection then assign 0 to it.

If you assign 1 then it will allow only 1 variation at the time of billing. 

You can assign any number as you want. 

Once you create variations, you can assign to each individual Item or full category from Admin Panel Dashboard.

How to Assign Tax?

You can assign multiple taxes to the items.  First create Taxes from Admin Panel Dashboard or Android App Item Master. 

You can create Tax with Name, Pecentage and Include or Excluded tax.

Included Tax means Tax is included in selling Price.

Excluded Tax means Tax needs to be add on item price. 

Once you create Taxes, You can apply it to full categories from Category tabs on both Admin Panel Dashboard or Android App Item Master. 

You can assign Multiple Taxes to each item/catgeories. 


How to Add my items/products and manage inventory?

RoyalPOS supports adding items multiple way. You can add items individually on Android app or Dashboard. Or you can upload CSV file on Web Dashboard.

Steps to Add Items/Products from Android app:

Once you register and login using your Location username and Location password, You will see dashboard. 

Android App - > Login  -> Dashboard -> Admin -> Item masters.

In Item master, You can setup Items, Categories, Tax, Variations, Tables (Only for Fine dine Restaurants), Cashiers, Decimal Settings. 

First you need to assign Categories and assign Tax for that. 

Then Add items as per categories, 

Steps to Add Items/Products from Web Dahboard:

Once you register and login using your Admin Email and Admin password, You will see dashboard. 

Web Dahboard - > Login -> Dashboard -> Item Masters -> Items.

In Item master, You can setup Items, Categories, Tax, Variations, Inventory, Manual Consumptions (Stock Out), Recipe Inventory (Only if its enable from Locations settings).

You can add individual Categories, Items, Variations and Taxes. 

Bulk Upload CSV

Web Dahboard - > Login -> Dashboard -> Item Masters -> Items

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